A new paradigm for drug development​
The Vision
InSimili recreates the real human body microenvironment in vitro, enabling better decisions in preclinical studies and reducing in vivo testing.​
Helping develop new therapies more efficiently and safely.
Cells experience different oxygen availability in the body.
InSimili technology regulates the concentration of oxygen and other agents at the microscale.
Mimicking unique conditions found in patients in a standard consumable.
The INSIMILI ADvantage
Our patented solution maintains a stable chemical microenvironment from cell culturing to imaging.
It is standard-compliant, cost-effective, and scalable.
Unlocking the potential of testing in hypoxic conditions from high-throughput screening to complex 3D models.
Who we are
InSimili started in 2021 as a spin-off of the University of Bologna. Its proprietary technology was invented by the group of Professor Stefania Rapino and has already been used by prominent research institutes in Europe.
Our Team
Enrico Grassilli
Previously Lead microfluidics
Engineer at a biotech startup
in Silicon Valley.
Marco Malferrari, pHD.
Jr. Assistant professor
at the University of Bologna.
Expert in biology and cell cultures.
Prof. Stefania Rapino
Associate Professor of Chemistry
at the University of Bologna.
Main inventor of the InSimili technology.
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