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Unlock Physioxia and Hypoxia anywhere. Recreate physiological oxygen conditions in cell cultures without incubators or hoods. InSimili proprietary technology regulates the oxygen concentration directly inside the consumables used everyday by researchers and cell manufacturers. No training or installation is required, select the configuration and start growing cells.

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Full Oxygen Gradient
Recreate the oxygen microenvironment present in vivo in each well.
The oxygen concentration ranges from 0% (strong hypoxia) to 20% (normoxia) within the same well.
Featured application: High-content imaging of HIF-1alpha expression in a hypoxic tumor-like microenvironment.

Available in: Multi-wells (24, 48, 96 wells)
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Uniform Oxygen
Grow and mantain primary cells and stem cells at their physiological oxygen concentration.
Uniform oxygen concentration across the whole substrate.
Select between 0%, 2%, 5%, 10% oxygen concentration.
Featured application: Expansion of primary breast cells from a live mouse.

Available in: Multi-wells, Flasks, Petri Dishes
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Oxygen Multi-Level
Test multiple oxygen concentration levels in the same multi-well.
Standard levels: 0%, 2%, 5%, 10%, 20%(control)
Featured application: Measurement of cellular metabolic profile at different oxygen levels.

Available in: Multi-wells (6-96 wells)
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